Jhene Aiko Says She'd Have a Threesome with Victoria & David Beckham

Jhene Aiko Says She'd Have a Threesome with Victoria & David Beckham

Jhene Aiko Says She'd Have a Threesome with Victoria & David Beckham
Jhene Aiko recently revealed a few sexy facts about herself in an exclusive interview with HelloBeautiful.
With her music being very soulful and sexy itself, she asked about juicy details like what she's looking for in a partner, which celebrity she fantasizes about and what music she puts on when she's having sex. 
Jhene revealed that she has a secret crush on Posh Spice and would definitely get it on with her and David.
Whoa. Fantasy celebrity threesome...because I love Posh, Victoria Beckham. I'll say Victoria Beckham and David Beckham."
Despite making very seductive music herself, Aiko appears to prefer the more natural music of love-making.
I believe in not having the music on and let the music be the two people and the love making sounds."
The Souled Out singer finally revealed her top three turn-ons and also what would have to happen to make her end everything right then and there.
Top 3? Great sense of humor, extremely considerate and smells great...As soon as someone goes through my phone or my email or computer, then I know that you are just crazy and probably hiding something yourself, so that makes me not trust you."
PHOTOS: See The Gigantic N70m Mansion Ini Edo Just Acquired

PHOTOS: See The Gigantic N70m Mansion Ini Edo Just Acquired

PHOTOS: See The Gigantic N70m Mansion Ini Edo Just Acquired

According to E247Mag, the Theatre Arts graduate of the University of Calabar has bought herself a N70m home in Lekki, Lagos, a huge amount of money she probably got from her multimillion naira endorsement deals in which telecoms giant, Glo is a force to reckon with.

PHOTOS: See The Gigantic N70m Mansion Ini Edo Just Acquired

PHOTOS: See The Gigantic N70m Mansion Ini Edo Just Acquired

PHOTOS: See The Gigantic N70m Mansion Ini Edo Just Acquired

Chris Brown Shows Off 24K Gold Customized iPhone 6

Chris Brown Shows Off 24K Gold Customized iPhone 6

Chris Brown Shows Off 24K Gold iPhone 6

Chris Brown is all about the flashy life and of course, luxurious accessories and items. Embarking upon a shopping trip with girlfriend Karrueche Tran, stylist EJ King and their entourage in Beverly Hills on Tuesday, Breezy flaunted his 24 karat gold limited edition iPhone 6, which matched his giant ring, long pendant necklaces, and bracelet.
The precious tech toy was first spotted on Chris' Instagram page on October 15th, when he shared a picture of the unique item customized with his initials in big cursive letters, right above the letter X.
Chris Brown Shows Off 24K Gold iPhone 6

5 Things Men Need To Stop Saying In Bed

5 Things Men Need To Stop Saying In Bed

The bed is a magical, whimsical place. It’s a haven for passionate moments and, inevitably, passionate words. It’s also a place for sloppy drunk hookups and outrageous remarks. The latter is what we’ll focus on in this piece.
For some reason, guys feel like they’re invincible after they have sex with a woman – and, I don’t know, nothing really matters. Especially not the sh*t that comes out of their mouths.
I mean, we’ve all said some pretty ludicrous sh*t while nestled in between the covers with a lady, but I mean there are a few repeat offenders that simply need to be stopped, STAT.
Things like “say my name,” “let’s do it again” and “your vagina has ghosts” have become so clichéd over the years, I don’t even know where to begin. All right, maybe the “your vagina has ghosts” one is not exactly clichéd, at least not at the moment, but it has been said before.
Nah, I’m serious – you couldn’t make that type of stuff up.
Anyways, here are the top five things people need to stop saying in bed, IMMEDIATELY.

“Was that good for you?”

This quote can get nipped in the bud right now. If you have to ask the question, “Was that good for you?” — all signs point to that answer not being too good.
Remember back in Little League, during the days when you really gave a sh*t about winning and losing (without having to make a monetary wager) and performing well.
When you’d come home from a game and your mom had to wait an awkward five minutes, then ask, “Well, son, how’d the game go?” The answer was almost always, “Like sh*t, Mom, I struck out five times and cried in front of my team.”
Had the game went well – mom would know first, she wouldn’t even have to ask, because you’d barrel through the front door screaming and doing spastic dance moves from the jump.
Well, in bed – if it was good for her – she’ll most likely be screaming and moving spastically as well, so you won’t need to ask, either.

“I never do this.”

This one is kind of vague, but can only really allude to two things:
“You never do this,” as in sleep with a girl on the first night, which means – in the most respectful way possible – that you simply lack that next-level caliber of game. Or “You never do this,” as in you’ve never slept with a girl, which means you’re a virgin.
Either way, rule #17 out the player’s manual, “don’t show your hand” – especially when you got a deuce or a four spot on the table, unsuited. If you truly “never do this,” then I personally feel like it would behoove everyone if you just keep that smack of knowledge to yourself, feel me?
For the lady you’re with, I feel like hearing that probably feels like paying for sushi and learning after you ate it that the guy was watching a YouTube tutorial called, “So it’s your first time rolling sushi, huh?” behind the bar.
Lastly, if you’re just saying this for dramatic effect, or some theatrical sh*t like that, just get the beepout.

“No one can know about this.”

Chill out. It’s not like you just witnessed the entire screenplay of “Reservoir Dogs,” and are now scrambling around trying to cover up your tracks. You had consensual sex. Like, at this point, deal with it. People have Twitter nowadays, anyway, how do you not expect anyone to “know about this”?
There’s an old saying, “Don’t do the crime if you can’t pay the time.” Well, I’ve modified it a bit for Millennials today, and it goes something along the lines of, “Don’t have sex if you can’t deal with the girl geotagging her Instagram from last night with your apartment building.” It’s the same premise.

“This can never happen again.”

I mean this can happen again, and one step further, it probably will happen again – sometime soon. That’s the nature of hookups, they repeat themselves like chapters out of the history textbook.
If this “can’t happen again” because you have a girlfriend – keep it to yourself.
If this “can’t happen again” because, I don’t know, it was terrible – just keep that to yourself, too. Whatever the reason, there’s zero rationale to vocalize how “it can never happen again.” Just don’t do it again. You know?

“Pose, it’s for Snapchat.”

I’ve been told by female colleagues and friends that this type of sh*t exists. Why would this ever be OK? I mean, by now, I’ve certainly lost faith in humanity.
But when I see girls in my homies’ stories on Snapchat, half nude, after a night of sex and discount vodka – it makes me want to leave the world on a rocket ship immediately.
*Just kidding, Snapchats and sexual encounters should never be mixed. I’M SERIOUS.

“That was the best I’ve ever had.”

If the sex was legitimately the best you’ve ever had, and you’ve rated each sexual encounter you’ve ever had and cross compared them all – then, maybe, and I mean maybe, you could freely drop this line in bed. Otherwise, I don’t respect the overrating.
See, overraters ruin modern society. Let’s say you’re hungry and your boy tells you that this place in town has the best burger he’s ever had. Now, you heed his advice, and you scoot your ass on over to the suggested establishment.
After you’re through, you realize the burger was good – maybe two clicks of the volume increase button above halfway on your iPhone – as a visual aid.
See what I’m saying? You were probably let down, to an extent. This is why we, as a society, need to reserve our “best ever” titles for sh*t that legitimately is the best ever.
Not mediocre, sloppy, drunk hookups that you’ll regard as highly as “The Godfather: Part II” on the charts of movie sequels.

Mission Aborted: Timbaland & Monique Are Not Divorcing

Mission Aborted: Timbaland & Monique Are Not Divorcing

Lucky for Timbaland, love prevailed and his wife Monique Mosley dismissed the divorce she filed for last year. The situation back in October 2013 was pretty messy, with Monique wanting "alimony, life insurance, private school, vacations, summer camp and other expenses."

If what TMZ confirmed earlier today is true, both seem to have found a way to work things out. According to the tabloid, Monique indeed quietly dismissed their divorce proceedings last week.

Timbaland already celebrated their reunion by posting a couple of sweet photos on Instagram. Peep them below.

Congrats, we guess, for saving their relationship.
NEW MUSIC: Patoranking - Friends

NEW MUSIC: Patoranking - Friends

Here is a new tune from the man of the moment Patoranking. Its not an official single just got leaked online.

VIDEO: Women Take Off Their Tops, Hit The Streets In Paris (DOWNLOAD)

VIDEO: Women Take Off Their Tops, Hit The Streets In Paris (DOWNLOAD)

Well, that’s what it is — Some women took to the street in their half-natural-self protesting against fellow FEMEN member lana Zhdanova, who was convicted for “sexual exhibitionism” in a French court for stabbing a wax statue of Russian President Vladimir Putin with wooden stake while topless, with the words “Kill Putin” painted across her breasts.

DOWNLOAD MIXTAPE: Future – Monster

DOWNLOAD MIXTAPE: Future – Monster

With Halloween three days away, Future decides to get in the holiday spirit and release this fitting new mixtape called Monster.
Executive produced by fellow Atlanta native Metro Boomin, the project contains 16 tracks and features only YMCMB boss Lil Wayne on the track "After That". Meanwhile, production on the tape is being handled by some of the hottest producers in the game, including DJ Dahi, Dun Deal, Metro Boomin, DJ Spinz, Southside, DJ Plugg, and more.
This serves as Future's first project since the release of his sophomore album, Honest, which dropped back in April.
Cop the free project now! (Tracklist seen below)
01. The Intro
02. Radical (Prod By Metro Boomin)
03. Monster (Prod By Metro Boomin Southside)
04. Abu's Boomin
05. Fuck Up Some Commas (Prod By DJ Spinz & Southside)
06. Throw Away (Prod By Nard B)
07. After That Feat. Lil Wayne
08. My Savages (Prod By Will A Fool)
09. 2 Pac (Prod By Nard B)
10. Gangland (Prod By DJ Plugg Bobby Kritical)
11. Fetti (Prod By Metro Boomin TM 88 Southside)
12. Hardly (Prod By Southside)
13. Wesley Presley (Prod By Metro Boomin)
14. Showed Up (Prod By DJ Spinz TM 88)
15. Mad Luv (Prod By Metro Boomin & DJ Plugg)
16. Codeine Crazy (Prod By TM 88)

NEW MUSIC: Lil Wayne – Gotti Ft. The Lox

NEW MUSIC: Lil Wayne – Gotti Ft. The Lox

Only a few days ago was it announced that Lil Wayne’s Carter V release date has been pulled back and today, Weezy decided to keep the fans happy tonight and release a public service announcement on the status of the album, as well as this new song called “Gotti” featuring The Lox.Here is a Lil Wayne latest “Carter V” leak, ” Gotti ” featuring The Lox.

NEW MUSIC: TemiDollFace – Just Like That (Story)

NEW MUSIC: TemiDollFace – Just Like That (Story)

“Temi DollFace, the poster girl for the unfettered possibilities, returns with her highly anticipated follow-up to successful first offering “Pata Pata”.
“Just Like That (Story)”- the first single off her Upcoming EP project, is a finely honed Hip Hop-Come-AfroBeat-Come-Ariaria assault in which she shows that she’s equally as at home rapping, as she is scatting, and hitting notes that peak as high as they swoop. Also on full display is her penchant for wordplay and her ability to make a serious point playfully- The point being “For The Love Of Money, Truth Often Falls Silent”.**
This bold “Drama Soul” Re-Introduction highlights social issues that are commonplace in our beloved country and the world at large, breathing newness into the relatable.
“Just like That (Story)” will grab you by the ears and shake you into submission on the very first listen. Not only did she write it, she composed, arranged and and co-produced it alongside talented producer Jo Pee.
Temi DollFace pulls off the rare trick of being treated as a serious talent in both the music and fashion worlds so what better time to release “Just Like That (Story)” than at the start of Lagos Fashion & Design Week 2014.
“The bound-to-be-explosive single will no doubt cement her status as a credible voice in the Music Industry””

VIDEO: Burna Boy – Check and Balance (DOWNLOAD)

VIDEO: Burna Boy – Check and Balance (DOWNLOAD)

Burna Boy releases the official video to his latest single, “Check and Balance”. The video, a collaborative effort between popular music video director, MattMax, and Godfather Productions, takes you through different scenes ranging from the singer being chased by the police, to the dance floor where you’ll see a couple of hot girls performing amazing, sick dance moves. Check it out.”

NEW MUSIC: Pelepele – Gidi Ni**a (Bobby Shmurda Cover)

NEW MUSIC: Pelepele – Gidi Ni**a (Bobby Shmurda Cover)

Rapper Olanrewaju Pelepele brings you the “Gidi Ngga” a high jump on the Bobby Shmurda’s hit single Hot Ngga
Pelepele was born on the 12-12 and he promised to release “The Makanaki Mixtape” a free 12 tracker album for his fams and fans on his birth date
Lyrics are rated 18 tho! As you know he calls a spade a spade,you heard him on Olamide’s Skamma, Splash’s E file fun, Bobby-T’s Street Citizen, Oluwacoded’s Farabale, etc A legend in the making, Download and rate his lyrical prowess.

M.I to Feature 27 Other Artistes on The New #ChairmanAlbum

M.I to Feature 27 Other Artistes on The New #ChairmanAlbum

Is MI trying to be Jimmy Jatt all of a sudden? 27 artistes on 16 tracks is rather too much to be honest. According to a listing that M.I released on his Instagram page, his new album will have Ice Prince, Sarkodie, Sound Sultan, Tuface, Wizkid, Beenie Man, Olamide, Phyno, Reminisce, Patoranking, Seyi Shay, Runtown, Frank Edwards, Storm Rex, Oritse Femi, Morell, Chigurl, Nosa, Loose Kanyon, Debbi, Nanya, DJ Lambo, Emmy Ace, Milli, I.J, Koker and Moti Cakes.

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