There are many wonderful places that you can visit in the world today but seems like people are generally attracted to the most visited cities in the world. Most of these are ranked highly as top destinations for tourist. The list below will highlight the Top 10 Most Visited Cities in the World.


10. Kuala Lumpur

The capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is home to the beautiful Petronas Towers, the tallest buildings worldwide from 98 to 04. Around 8.9 million people visit this city each year.

9. Frankfurt

Frankfurt is ranked in the 9th position as one of the most sought-after destinations because the number for tourist visitors has increased to over 8 million. This is not a big surprise since this city is filled with many markets, just like Hong Kong, Paris and London.

8. Dubai

This city is renowned as the world’s shopping capital. It is now ranked as the eighth most popular tourist destinations because of the rapid growth in tourism. Dubai is the place for some of the richest people in the world, plus it is famous for having the tallest building, wild park attraction, indoor ski slopes, and much more.

7. Madrid

The Spanish capital Madrid is ranked as the seventh most visited cities due to its rich historical and cultural heritage. The city is also Spain’s economic capital and nerve center.

6. Hong Kong

With over 11 million tourists visiting each year, Hong Kong is well-known for high property rents and is a major harbor for free trade. This city is appealing because of its diverse contrasts of beautiful cityscapes and spiraling mountains, far-reaching green countryside and heritage sites.

5. Istanbul

As one of the most popular tourist destinations, Istanbul economy and tourism is advancing rapidly with its tourists increasing to 14.7% over the past few years. It now ranks fifth on the top 10 most visited cities list. Istanbul’s main attractions include the palaces, mosques, restaurants, a delicious cousin as well as its warm and friendly people

4. Singapore

With over nine million visitors each year, the city of Singapore is one of the most loved and visited cities in the world. Besides that, Singapore is truly a melting pot of various cultures as its population consists of people from different ethnic origins such as Indians, Chinese and Malays.

3. Bangkok

As the capital of Thailand, Bangkok ranks 1st in Asia and 3rd in the world as one of the most visited places. This small corner of the earth hosts an astonishing 12.2 million people visit each year. Some of the big tourist attractions include the Wat Arun, Grand Palace and Wat Pho.

2. Paris

The beautiful city of Paris is of course the most visited place in France and the second on the list of the most visited places worldwide for tourists. It is also considered one of the best cities to work and live in. Not only does Paris have an outstanding public transportation facility, but it offers a high quality of living.

1. London

London falls as the most popular tourist cities in the world making its Heathrow airport being one of the busiest worldwide. People visit London especially for its beautiful gardens and parks, architecture and museums.

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